"Mainstreet Commercial" is a large portion of our business.  We understand commercial flooring, and we carry a huge menu of items.  All of our commercial floors are warranteed to meet the demands of traffic, weather, cleaning, fading, unravelling, static propensity, and staining. 

We'll work after-hours to install flooring and not interrupt your business.  We can team up with your contractor or building superintendant to ensure quality performance. 

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 This 8' x 12' logo is permanently inset into the carpet.
It's all about "Branding".

Factory Cafeteria.


Polish it up, and we'll see you in 30 years to replace it.


Clean up that tired old washroom.





Tradeshow booth
Product demonstration
Showroom display



The grass carpet was laid up to the stone floor decal.
Very Cool!



Carpet Capitol Flooring, Cleveland OH